For me, photography is not a means by which to create beautiful art, but a unique way of encountering genuine reality.
Daido Moriyama


In my photographs, in my every day practice of the lie, I cannot pretend to describe anything but my situation itself my normal states of being, my kinky intimacies… I can only comment on the mere insignificance of the photographic moment.
Antoine d'Agata


I have never taken a photograph I have intended. They're alway better or worse.
Diane Arbus


My own measure of success is this: what did I learn from making a picture? Did I learn something about the craft and the making of an image? Did I learn something about the world, my subject? Did I learn something about myself, my motivations, my inclinations, my drive, my world view? I am only successful if in making a picture I experienced a change in myself. And that sort of success, or failure, is not controlled by anyone but me.

Todd Walker’s response to Nick Turpin’sPhotography, Commerce and Success


I don’t believe in intellectualizing and working in any particular method. Just photograph, period.
Leon Levinstein