The matter of art in photography may come down to this: it is the capture and projection of the delights of seeing; it is the defining of observation full and felt.

Walker Evans


It is always the instantaneous reaction to oneself that produces a photograph.
Robert Frank


I have noticed that within my own practice that often adding a genre, or another way of taking pictures, often adds an extra layer that complicates things more deeply.
I believe that all those signs from your past and all those feelings and memories certainly come together, often subconsciously, and form some kind of a fragmented narrative. Often you're telling your own story but you may not even know it.

Todd Hido



No place is boring, if you've had a good night's sleep and have a pocket full of unexposed film.

Robert Adams


It’s about time we started to take photography seriously and treat it as a hobby.
Elliot Erwitt




A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.
~Diane Arbus


Lately I’ve been struck with how I really love what you can’t see in a photograph.
~Diane Arbus