Life is a movie. Death is a photograph.

Susan Sontag

"A few days after Tony Ray-Jones died I went through my contact sheets to find photos I'd taken of him, to make a memorial to him. I only found one photo. It was because I'd been around him so much I'd taken him for granted and never photographed him. He was just always there, so I'd never considered him important enough to photograph. The lesson is, you should be photographing now the things that you really care about. That's the only thing you should be photographing, things you care about deeply." 

Bill Jay, 11/7/04

"... and you look at the watch every now and then only to see how time passes. You get up, look outside the window at the dark alley. You go to bed hoping to fall asleep but you cannot. You are the slave of time..."
Tom Klawon

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